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2018 142DC Drop Bow

This is the boat that started it all for us. Has all the same features as our 162 and 172, but in a smaller package. 

I can be yours for only $219.29/mo with 0 down OAC

Spring Delivery

2018 162 Jet Drift Package

Based on our popular 162, this Jet Drift Model has become very popular for those who want the features of a drift boat, in something with a jet outboard. NEW for 2018.........now with a full floor and wider rear bench


Take me home for just $228.70/mo with 0 down OAC

Spring Delivery

2018 162DC DROP BOW

One of our most popular boats. Whether you are hunting, fishing, or just exploring with the family, this all round affordable boat will take you anywhere. 


Go hunting or fishing for only $240.98/mo with 0 down OAC

Spring Delivery



The biggest boat in our outboard linup. The extra foot, and 115/80 Yamaha motor allow you to haul bigger loads, and get there quicker. 


Haul everything to camp and back for just $303.72//mowith 0 down OAC

Spring Delivery


Now you can have an outboard, and be protected from the elements. The 172 full front, with removable door, gives you the best of both worlds.


Get out earlier and stay out longer for $323.46/mo with 0 down OAC

Spring Delivery

Navigator 16 Jon Boat

The Navigator series Jon Boats from Explorer Industries are bigger, wider and tougher than the competition. If your looking for a wide open floor plan, or want us to customize it to siut your needs....give us a call. Whether you use it as a base boat, with a ProDrive mud motor, or rig it with a dependable Yamaha 4 stroke Jet, you won't be disappointed